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1000 Low Profile Dock

Rowing Clubs:

The Connect-A-Dock 1000 Series-Low Profile is the dock of choice for rowers around the world. Athletes and coaches appreciate the dock’s stability, which creates a safe platform for entering and exiting shells. This extra confidence allows rowers to concentrate on rowing, rather than worry about their footing. Connect-A-Dock is the official dock of US Rowing and Masters Rowing Association.

2000 Low Profile Dock


Commercial applications use Connect-A-Dock because of its modularity. These docks can be expanded to any width or length, making it easy to accommodate customers with additional docking slips or reconfiguring for various-sized boats.


Residential Dock

A lifetime of waterfront adventures await with the family-friendly Connect-A-Dock floating dock system. Modular design and rugged construction allow a simple, quick and reliable way to build boat docks, rowing docks, fishing docks, swimming platforms and anything else you can imagine for your home. A Connect-A-Dock floating dock system will help you create many family memories of safe and enjoyable fun around the water!


Park Dock

Give visitors to your park sturdy, safe footing on boat docks, swim platforms, and various walkways with envirnmentally friendly Connect-A-Dock. Its 5 minute (per module) attachment system means easy installation, and the strong polyethylene construction ensures many years of dependable service. It's so versatile; you can use the Connect-A-Dock system modules wherever safe footing is required, even on land. Connect-A-Dock is ideally designed for today’s user-friendly facility! Mix, rearrange or change — packages are starting points for your waterfront memories.

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